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How to Embed Google Form in Blogger

How to Embed Google Form in Blogger

Google form is a set of templates which can be used to design a form for collecting useful information. How to add Google forms to blogger or blogspot ? You can create or embed Google form for contact , party invitation , events update and help form for your visitors which can be helpful for both your blog and visitors. Google form uses one step integration and can be customized easily. These online forms also lets you have your own custom form template. So now let us learn to create form and adding to blogger in very easy steps 

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Key features of Google forms

  1. Responsive
  2. Easy customization
  3. One step integration
  4. No coding skill needed
  5. Multiple templates and Themes

How to create google forms?

Step1: Go to Google forms.

Step2: Choose your template for form from template gallery.

Step3: Add desired fields and choose your theme from color palette.

How to embed google forms to blogger ?

Step1: Click on Send button on top right of the form and then click on < > icon.

Step2: Copy codes , Now go to Blogger > Pages > New Page.

Step3: Select HTML from the top left side and paste iframe codes you just copied in previous step.

Step4: Click on Publish , That's it.

Done, I hope these pictorial repesentation of Google form creation and steps to add forms into Blogger very easly. If you need any help on same topic , then you can contact and we will do it for you.