Thursday, May 11

Setup Google Custom Search For Blogger

Setup Google Custom Search For Blogger

Google Custom Search enables you to create a search engine for your website / blog. You can configure your search engine to search both web pages and images. Unlike the stock search form which are limited in functionality and search result Google custom search engine uses advanced algorithm to give better results. It can search for both the data and images at the same time like the Google itself does.

Why Google Custom Search ?

  • Better results.
  • Image search for your site.
  • Customization option.
  • Autocomplete function.

How To Setup Google Custom Search Widget For Blogger ?

Step1: Go to Google Custom Search and sign in with your google account.

Step2: Now, Click on Create a custom search engine.

Step3:  Fill your blog details and then click on CREATE.

Step4: On the next page click on Get Code and copy all the codes.

Step5: Go to Blogger > Layout > add a gadget in Cross-Column , Select HTML/JavaScript and paste the codes in content box. Click save.

Note: This guide will install google search gadget in cross-column. You can install it anywhere with simply pasting codes.