Tuesday, January 17

Having a custom domain is really important today. So., Do you want to make your blogger blog more professional by moving from sub-domain to Custom Domain? Did you buy the domain from Bigrock for your blogger blog and looking to map the Custom Domain to your blog? Then here is a complete step by step tutorial  to map your Custom Bigrock domain to you blogger blog with ease.

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Getting Started to Map Custom Domain name on Blogger:-

Step 1:
Login into your Blogger Account and Click on Setting Menu as shown in image given below.
Step 2:
Now in the Basic settings menu under your blog address Click on the +Add a Custom Domain as shown in the image
Step 3:
Now you will be allowed to Enter the Custom Domain. Now Enter the domain which you want to map to your blogger blog. And Click on Save button. (Here for the tutorial we are using our domain www.linuxtrendz.com to map to blogger blog).
Step 4:
When you click on the save button Blogger gives a Error Message saying as shown in below image. Copy the CNAME records.
We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12. Which means that Blogger wants to prove that you are owner of the custom domain you want to map to your blogger.
So in-order to prove your domain ownership you need to create CNAME records on your Bigrock domain panel.
That’s it once you have copied the details which are marked in the above image you have completed all the steps on your blogger dashboard.
Now All you need is to do is just Login into your Bigrock domain panel and create the CNAME records and point the domain to Google’s servers.
Creating CNAME Records and Pointing domain to the Google Servers

Step 1:-
Login into your Bigrock domain panel and click on the domain which you added in the blogger dashboard.
Step 2:-
Now click on the DNS Management as shown in the image.
Step 3:-
Now click on the Manage DNS as shown in image
Step 4:-
Now Click on the CNAME records and then click on the Add CNAME records to add the two CNAME records. Add the records as shown in below image
Step 5:-
Now we need to add the four A records, With four Destination IPv4 Address as shown in image, This way you can add the remaining three more A records.
That’s it once you have completed adding all the A records and CNAME records on your domain panel wait for few hours for the propagation.
Once the domain propagation had completed open you blogger dashboard-> Settings->Basic->Blog Address-> Edit
And tick the check box to redirect the non –www version of the domain to the www version to the domain.
This is how you can configure the Custom Domain from Bigrock with Blogger Blog.