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Blogger now giving free SSL certificate to its custom domain blogs

Blogger ( a blog-publishing service ) now giving free SSL certificate to its custom domain blogs which were limited to Blogspot domains before. Blogger runs a  service called Draft Blogger to introduce new features for testing purpose before making them live to everyone. Blogger has introduced SSL certificate for the custom domains on draft blogger. Installing SSL certificate for the custom domain is no more hassle. You can implement it within 2 minutes.

ssl for blogger custom domain

best alternatives to google adsense in 2018

No doubt AdSense is the best advertising network and the dream for all bloggers but sometimes things doesn't work the way you want them. So, don't be disappointed because there are some other advertising network out there which are worth a try. Even these alternatives can be proven better than AdSense depending on your niche and contents. Like, if you have a product review blog then definitely Amazon Associate will be a killer option for you. Associate programs require conversation but they pay very high fees for conversation depending on the product.

Auto share blogger post with hashtags to twitter using feedburner

Posting your every post after publishing to the social network can be very boring and time-consuming task and who don't know the importance of social network. Twitter is one of the most popular networks with millions of users. Twitter can add quality traffic to your blog. Especially, twitter hashtags , if chosen correctly can boost your social visits to greater extent.

FeedBurner Socialize service makes it easy to distribute your content to interested subscribers or followers on social networks using any FeedBurner feed you already have. The Socialize service currently supports distribution on Twitter. FeedBurner also uses your post label as hashtags for a tweet. So, you don't even have to worry about the hashtags.

How to use robot.txt in blogger/wordpress

As a blogger you may have heard about robot.txt at least once and till now you aren't sure about what is the use of robot.txt ? Then you are at the right place. First of all , Robot.txt is a protocol or simply robots.txt, is a standard used by websites to communicate with web crawlers like , Google bot and Bing bot.Website owners can use the /robots.txt file to give instructions about their site to web robots. These instructions includes sitemap of your site or blog and Directories or pages you don't want to include in search result. Search engine robots uses robot.txt as a permission to crawl your site data which can they index later to search results.

Embed Facebook videos to blog post

No doubt!! Facebook is the most popular social media platform right now on the planet earth and what makes it the most popular? You all know already. There are millions of videos on Facebook right now , Facebook let's you share unlimited numbers of videos. Usually many of them matches with your blog content and who don,t want to use perfect video for there blog contents. This post is specially for bloggers who prefer videos over the endless contents and want a way to add Facebook video to there contents. Adding video from Facebook to blog is not that much hard you can easily add video to your blog post with the help of below shared steps.

Center header, post title and gadgets in blogger

In blogger blog you will fill that the most of the elements like header , post title etc are left aligned and there is no such option in customization to change there alignment to either center or right. I have seen lots of the user who prefer center aligned header , post title , gadgets etc in there blog but end up with the left aligned elements as they know nothing about the CSS. Cascading style sheet (CSS) can be very useful for changing all the aspect of a html web page like alignment, color , position etc.