Friday, July 15

Bubble Level Android App

Bubble Level Android App

Detect inclination easily with this precise free bubble level app. Where can you use bubble ruler? It is mostly used in carpentry, construction, and photography. To hang a painting on the wall, or to level a table, you just need to put your Android device against the wall and make sure the bubble in the tube travels in the center position. Simple and portable.

This Bubble Level app provides not just spirit level, but also a straight ruler and 2D ruler, making the measurement more comprehensive. The tools in this Bubble Ruler is user-friendly. In the ruler functions, you can change the unit of the measurement, and in the bubble level function, you can lock the interface and change the bubble level mode.

Place the device on a relatively flat surface (such as a table) to ensure that the bubbles in the tubes are stably in the center of the tube. You can also watch the bubble position and adjust the direction of the device appropriately. 

After determining the position of the bubble, you can click the calibration button, so that your measurement will be more accurate.

Just put the device against the surface of the object you need to measure, you can start measuring.

We provide accurate measurements for every user with this bubble level free. But in order to get more real data, please calibrate before use. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

NEW and UNIQUE features and functionalities:

  • Classic water-level + Object alignment
  • Angle measurement
  • Surface flatness
  • Metal detection - detect wire inside the wall before drilling it
  • Inclinometer - Also known as a tilt – meter; will help drivers during off-road journeys, to control and minimize the risk of roll-over.
  • AR Ruler - point your camera and measure distance between objects.
  • Compass

With all the new features of this app, you'll always have carpenter and off-road navigator with you! From now, with the help of Bubble Level, you’ll never have the issues regarding:

  • Alignment of the picture, board, furniture, wall and etc.!
  • Calculation of different angles in various situations!
  • Checking your table, shelf and surface level of every face-up objects!
  • Detecting metal and even wire inside the wall
  • Tracking the inclination of bike, car and etc.

These are the main occasions of app usage, but you’ll find MUCH MORE in practice!