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Bit English Malayalam Android App

Bit English Malayalam Android App

Bit English Malayalam helps you speak the English language quickly. The app will assist you to improve your daily English conversation skills.
Bit English presents a lot of valuable phrases and sentences you will never think of unless you come across them. It contains plenty of common sentences used by native English speakers in everyday life.

It's a perfect spoken English app for native Malayalam speakers.

Top features

  • All grammar lessons made very simple with examples.
  • A practical approach for learning English through Malayalam.
  • Most common English-Malayalam conversations.
  • Audio feedback for every sentence.
  • English skill test and rating feature.
  • Grammar practice & phrases.
  • Pronunciation checker.
  • Learn English through Malayalam.

The app focuses native Malayalam speakers who like to speak English for expressing their ideas. Bit English Malayalam app comes with wide variety of features including learn and practice method. It will help you to understand the basic building blocks of English language. 

The app brings all regular stuffs for learning a language like Tenses, Modal verbs, Verbs, Nouns etc. Besides you will get an opportunity to get the correct pronunciations of sentences using sound engine. The practice method option translates English sentences to Malayalam Language.

It’s a great time to improve your English speaking skill. Learning and and speaking English will be a natural process with this App. It’s fun.

All you have to do is practice more and more with those examples. In this application we have discussed different parts of grammar. Each section has lots of examples with understandings of the very basic concepts.

This application will help users to read and write basic english to advanced english, speak in english fluently, learn grammar perfectly. Users will learn around 250 types of real life conversation from this application.