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GPS Alarm Android App

GPS Alarm Android App

 With free Wake Me There - GPS alarm app you will never go past your destination or miss your date. This simple free GPS location alarm app for Android will also help you to keep within the mandated distance from home or any other position on the map. Easily set a perimeter.

On Entry alarm for all communters and travellers using public transport like trains, busses, trams etc.. Simply set a distance before your stop at which you want to be woken up.
On Leave alarm allows you to set a perimeter from any position, like your home, and warns you when you reach the boundary.

Or just set a time alarm without GPS to be woken up on time. Calender date / Weekday / Repeat options available.

Save money, save time, save your relationship, be at work on time!
Further alarm setting options:
- Map type
- Set Sound/Volume
- Increasing Volume
- Vibrations
- Snoozing

Other settings possibilities:
Language, Units, Light/Dark theme, Location update frequency, Default alarm area perimeter etc.

Available for free in 7 different languages incl. English (US/GB), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Czech.