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Fast & Secure Free VPN Android & iOS App

Fast & Secure Free VPN Android & iOS App

Available on all android platforms. Secure your connection and enjoy the unlimited web experience by downloading CyberGuard VPN now.

You can use CyberGuard VPN to hide your identity anonymously and use the proxy to connect to a site through a secure channel.

Use the CyberGuard VPN to browse the web securely.

CyberGuard VPN enables privacy on encrypted, untrusted Wi-Fi and other public access networks. Install CyberGuard VPN simply and enjoy the convenience of a secure and fast internet connection with one click.

CyberGuard VPN serves on its own special servers. Our unique infrastructure allows CyberGuard VPN to provide you with faster and more secure connections.

CyberGuard VPN is specially designed to create an isolated, secure, and fast network.

Why should I use CyberGuard VPN
Limitless & Free: Use the main features for free (Forever) or upgrade to premium and unlock limitless features!
Improve Internet connection: Maximize surfing speed with private connection
Isolated and Secure connection: Protect your personal data by securing your Internet connection.
Browse the Internet Securely: CyberGuard VPN provides security for your online experience.
Fast & Simple: CyberGuard VPN is fast and easy to use.
Browse Anonymously and Secure: We protect your privacy by making your connection secure as you browse the web.

How CyberGuard VPN works

CyberGuard VPN opens an encrypted (meaning crypto) tunnel from its physical location to the opposite network. Information transmitted through this tunnel is encrypted and cannot be viewed from the outside . CyberGuard VPN acts as a virtual network adapter with the help of the specialized network driver on your android device, giving you an IP number from the opposite network.