Monday, May 24

Short Video Social Media App

Short Video Social Media App

JikVik is an international social media application which allows video and image sharing. This lets you upload 1:30 minutes videos at a time and has special image uploading features which is unique to this application.This provides more time for talented people to explore their creativity.Now we updating new features.

In JikVik , you can create your profile, upload videos, and images of your special life moments
in just one click.
You can watch and follow videos and images from all over the world.
You can watch youtube, movies, live news, and more.

In JikVik you can like 👍 and dislike 👎 videos and images according to your choice and you can make them your favourites ❤️ as well. Another special feature is you can express your comments.

JikVik creates a platform to express yourself and create new friends around the world.

JikVik is a global creative platform were everyone has an opportunity to become popular because videos quickly become online sensational.
JikVik is a simple and fun video processing application which is completely free and there is no in-app purchase.