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Messaging & calling Android & iOS app

Messaging & calling Android & iOS app

 Snatch App is a Free messaging and calling app allowing people and businesses to securely communicate around the world via an internet connection.

It's a simple and secure way to send and receive end-to-end encrypted messages, quick voice messages, photos, videos, documents, emoji’s, calls and video calls.

Our goal at Snatch App is simple: to help people stay in contact with those they care about. In order to bring that goal to fruition, we’ve created a product that’s free, secure, user-friendly and available everywhere. You can even access your messages from all your devices at once.

Snatch App also integrates chatbots and allows for billions of messages to be privately and securely exchanged in almost every country in the world.

SnatchApp is available in 53 languages.


• Free Voice and Video Encrypted Calls: Use your PC or smartphone to keep in touch with friends and family for free, even if they're in another country. Snatch App uses your phone's internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) rather than your cellular plan's voice minutes, so you don't have to pay for every message or call. (Note: calls are free over Wi-Fi. Standard data charges may apply).

• Secured Messaging and Trusted Contacts: All messages and calls are protected with end-to-end encryption. Verify the security of your end-to-end encryption with your contacts to be sure you’re talking to the right person.

• Group Chat and Calls: Use Snatch App to keep in touch with the groups of people that matter to you. Make group calls. Enjoy group sharing of large videos, text, any type of document, photos, audio, location messages and more.

• Snatch App Web: Snatch App is also available on your web browser.

• A Preferred Channel for Bots: If you’re thinking of creating and implementing a chatbot, you can deploy, test and interact with your bot using Snatch App’s private and secure application.

• Real Time Location: Instead of having to tell others where you are, just use real-time location sharing to integrate maps into any conversation.

• Change Your Voice: You want to spice things up and surprise your loved ones? SnatchApp allows you to change the pitch of your voice. Have fun listening to your modified voice!


• Secure: All messages on Snatch App are encrypted using a combination of 256-bit-symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption and a secure key exchange for each conversation. We cannot read any of the messages sent through Snatch App. We do not own the messages and media files you send via Snatch App.

• Enable/Disable Disappearing Messages: By default, all messages sent in a conversation will disappear after they have been seen.

• Set the Timer: Configure the expiration time on all your messages.

• Connect Safely: Your address book will always remain private and will never be stored on our servers. Friend Finder integrated with Google, Yahoo, Outlook, Email, Phone.