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How to set full length video Whatsapp Status

How to set full length video Whatsapp Status

 xTrimo can send full length video at once to your WhatsApp Status.Accurate audio and video sync.

We helps you to trim favorite part from a full length movie or video to add as WhatsApp status. Easiest way of sending long videos in original quality and better UI experience.

Long Status Uploader- Video Splitter For Whatsapp is a most popular Full Status Uploader software and one of the most excellent sharing platforms for whatsapp status uploading, people use WhatsApp to share videos and pictures in status to their friends and family. But how to upload large video through WhatsApp Status is always a hot topic among the users because of the time limitation of WhatsApp.

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So you want to know how you can post videos on the WhatsApp Status that are longer than the 30 seconds?

As you know, Whatsapp allows up to 30 seconds video to upload or update status. But that's not enough for everyone. So let's see how you can work around the story and status time restriction and post longer videos without any issues.

How to Upload Long Videos on WhatsApp Status?
To upload long video on status or split video automatically, install this Status Uploader Now. This app automatically split videos in 30 second duration and will split it into many statuses.
Full Video Status Uploader, downloader & Video splitter for WhatsApp status split the videos into parts and will share them as multiple status at same time.

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Now easily download status with free status downloader. With status saver app, save your most favorite videos from your contacts without letting them know.

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