Saturday, May 8

How to get Kerala lockdown travel e-pass

How to get Kerala lockdown travel e-pass

 If you need to step out of your home during lock down from may 8 to may 16 you should carry epass issues by the kerala police.

How to Get E Pass Online ? 

Visit e-pass website - - and fill in the following details: name, date of birth, address, vehicle number, vehicle type, co-passenger name (only one co-passenger is allowed), travel starting point, destination, travel date, time, purpose, return date, time, mobile number, identity card type, identity card number and residing police district.

Once your application is approved, you will get the pass via mobile phone.

Who should obtain the e-pass?

Daily-wage workers, domestic workers, emergency travellers, hospital goers and those who attend funerals and weddings should carry e-passes.

How can they obtain the e-pass?

Daily-wage labourers and domestic workers should apply for e-passes on their own or through their employers.

Who can travel without the e-pass?

Those working in the essential service sectors can travel with their official identity cards.