Monday, March 22

Download data usage finder Android App

Download data usage finder Android App

 You can now configure the start and duration of the period, for example one week, 28 days, or even one year

Do you have an almost unlimited data plan and you never consume all your data? Lucky you! Unfortunately this app will be useless in this situation.

On the other hand: do you have a limited data plan and it has happened to you:
a) You always spend too much data on the first days of the period, and you have few left at the end?
b) You try not to spend too much data at the beginning of the period, and then you end with unused data?
c) You always wanted to know 'Did I spent too much already?' 'Am I above an average usage?'.

Then this app will (I hope) help you!
It shows your data usage (bottom bar, how much you already used) with an ideal 'average data usage' (top bar, how much you would have used by downloading the same amount of bytes every second in the period). This way with just one look you can check if you are above or below the 'average data usage'.
- If the top bar is longer than the bottom: Good! You can download a bit more and still have at the end of the period.
- If the top bar is shorter than the bottom: Not good! You need to stop using too much data, otherwise you'll end with no more left.