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Download PDF Scanner Android App

Download PDF Scanner Android App

 Use Free Doc Scan, you can quickly scan documents anytime, anywhere, or import pictures, easily manage a number of contract documents or notes.

If you place the document in front of the device's camera, our scanner application will automatically recognize the background paper, cut the paper and clean up the results.
You can get clear and easy-to-read scans and store the photographed documents forever.
Batch scanning allows you to scan dozens of pages in a few seconds.
Powerful tools can help you organize, share or archive documents.

Video Tutorial : How to Download PDF Scanner 

Advanced PDF Scanner App:

– Scan to high-quality PDF or JPEG
– Save scans in grayscale, black and white or color
– Recognize and edit any text from your scans
– Automatic shutter and border detection for any scannable object
– Advanced pic processing with enhancement and color correction, noise removing, automatic perspective correction and more
– Choose between low, medium and HD scan quality
– Multipage scanning – scan as many pages as you like
– Batch processing mode
– ID and Passport scanning modes
Document Editor:
– Cut, copy or paste pages from and to PureScan.

File Manager:
– Full-featured file manager with folders, drag & drop and document editing
– Protect your documents by locking folders and scans with password
– Sort documents by name, date or size
– Choose between table and collection view modes
Document Sharing Tools:
– Share your scans via email from the scanner app.
– Easy print your scans with any Wi-Fi printer
– Share and upload scanned documents to cloud services like Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive
– Export scans to our Fax / PDF Scanner app and send Faxes worldwide
– Save scans to Photos