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Todosapp - Download Android App

Todosapp - Download Android App

Todosapp uses Wassapp template message formats and Automatically converts Wassapp notifications into Reminders.Are you lazy and Want Others to Set Reminders for you.

Ever felt a need to Remind someone about something Important and wished you had a way to Set a Reminder on their Phone about it - If Yes , Try TodoSapp

Core Features:

Receive Reminders Through Wassapp - Enable the Feature, choose your Favourite Contacts from which you want to Receive Reminders through Wassapp Messages and that's it, the chosen Contacts now simply send a Wassapp Text Message in the Required Format with Date and Time of the Reminder and Boom That Set a Reminder on your Phone About it.

Set Reminders Through Wassapp - Send a simple Wassapp message to your important someone in the Format required with Date and Time of the Reminder and if they have the App-enabled, it will Automatically Set a Reminder on their phone with the mentioned Date & Time.
Example - Set reminder for 10 am for picking up Ben from School

Repeatable Reminders Through Wassapp - The Reminders that you want to Send or Receive can also be repeatable types, Imagine you want to Remind someone about taking an important Medicine every Friday.
You can now do it through TodoSapp, Simply use the App to forward the Reminder
Simply type in a message " Set Reminder for taking the medicine at 10 pm before bed, repeat every Friday. " and this simply sets the Reminder on their Phone for every Friday at 10 pm.

Delete Reminders Through Wassapp - You can also Delete Reminders from the other person Phone through a Wassapp Message.
example you could simply send a message like
Delete reminder id 14 "
and this will simply Delete that reminder.
Reminder to know your Reminder Id , you can simple send My Reminders on Wassapp.

List Your Reminders Through Wassapp - You can send My Reminders on Wassapp and this will provide you the list of Reminders that you have sent to the other person.
It will return a list in the format of Wassapp Message with the list of Reminders IDs, that you can use to particularly Delete.

Save & Forward Reminders Through Wassapp - You can also Set a Reminder for yourself and even forward that Reminder through Wassapp for the other person.
This allows you and the other person to be reminded and at the same time. without the other person's need to manually set the Reminder.
Simple Reminder App - if not for Wassapp Reminders, you can also use the App as Replacement for your usual Alarm and Reminder App.
The Reminder feature of the App is quite simple and easy for Eye.
Offers Simple Features like Reminders for Daily, Weekly, Months, and Yearly as well.

The App provides a way For Friends, Family to do more than just Texting & Reminding through Wassapp Beeps. i.e Reminding Each Other through Actual Alarm Reminders.