Friday, October 9

Download New VPN App for Android & iOS

Download New VPN App for Android & iOS

 Noon VPN is one of a kind swift and simple VPN to keep you protected and safest throughout your internet journey, wherever you are! Users can now enjoy the fastest ever VPN connection from the dedicated Tier 1 bandwidth quality servers of Noon VPN. It is the one-step secure unrestricted solution for all your favorite content.

How to Use : Video Tutorial 

Unlimited Bandwidth
The Noon VPN App with its many internal premium servers that have dedicated Tier-1 high-quality bandwidth allows you to browse any website from a local connection. So this allows you to avail local offers which otherwise would not be possible if you did not use the VPN App.

Utmost Network Security
Besides ensuring privacy and opening the internet digital boundaries to the outside world, the VPN can instantly secure your connection while you use a public Wi-Fi hotspot! Noon VPN App with its extensive network options allows the user to access the internet from more than 50 different countries' geographical locations.

Uninterrupted Communication
With Noon VPN, users can have uninterrupted, free voice, and video calls. Noon VPN helps everyone to call their loved ones through social media or any popular calling apps, which allows users to experience high-quality video calling on Social media and other apps. This quality is because the Noon VPN app ensures each user is allocated high quality dedicated bandwidth without any limits of usage.

Unique IP Address
While it is well known that the VPN opens the digital boundaries, it also gives you a new fixed public IP address which adds privacy and allows you to enter websites and portals with extra security due to IP authentication. There is also the added benefit of privacy since no logs or any other record is kept by Noon VPN servers.

Unbroken High-Speed Network
Sometimes many ISP reduces the internet speed to restrict data usage when a data limit has reached, which can be controlled by simply using the VPN app. The new Noon VPN app uses Military Grade AES 256 Bit encryption to secure your Wifi network traffic that helps you to protect many threats when using the internet from public wifi hotspots.

No Restrictions, Stay Connected
Now it’s easy to access any social media application without worrying about local internet restrictions. Just connect to a secure high-speed VPN server in another location and get instant access to the required social media platform, which you can easily do with Noon VPN. Apart from that, stay connected with your loved ones with unbroken audio and video calls through Noon VPN.