Thursday, August 20

Download Time lapse shooting iOS App

Download Time lapse shooting iOS App

 Skyflow is an incredibly handy and functional tool for photographers who aim for the best quality time-lapse shooting!

It has many options, such as choise of shooting resolution and format, motion blur and light trails effects, HDR, panning motion and more.

After shooting is complete you'll need to export your time-lapse as a video file or image sequence.

And the most amazing feature of Skyflow is that it allows you to change the playback speed of the final video even after the end of shooting!

Feature & Highlites:

• Shooting and exporting with a resolution of up to 4K

• RAW shooting and export (for iPhone 6S and above)

• Manual ISO, shutter speed, EV, WB and focus control

• Noise Reduction for cleaner shots

• Low-Light Boost for night shots

• Long Exposure effects: Light Trails & Motion Blur

• Exposure Bracketing for HDR export

• Horizon Stabilizer for shooting in motion or from a vehicle

• Zoom with lens distortion control

• Panning motion for dramatic effect in your shots

• Support for DJI OSMO Mobile and DJI OSMO Mobile 2 handheld gimbals

Attention: DJI OSMO Mobile 3 is not supported (for reasons beyond our control)!


• A quick view of your time-lapse projects straight on the home screen by just swiping your finger

• A rich featured editor: ability to trim time-lapse, add music or continue time-lapse

• Flexible HDR settings with real time preview in the editor

• Convenient and understandable export settings with the choice of resolution, format, video frame rate and quality

• The resulting video can be saved to a Photo Library, sent to iTunes, or sent to another application.

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