Download volume Booster Android App

Want to boost your Android mobile volume beyond the phone limit ? Just download and install Raise high volume - Booster Android mobile application. This mobile app will help you increase the sound when you watch the movies or videos from a family gathering or friends and amaze them with your phone volume.

This application is available to download for free of cost from play store. Say thanks to developers - Gogone.

How to Use : Video Tutorial 

☞ Boost up to 100% of the Volume of your phone.
☞ Increase up to 100% of the Volume of your phone.
☞ Adjust the volume for Movies, Music, and any apps.
☞ Raise High volume is on show in the Notification.
☞ No additional permission required for Raise High Volume app.

Increase your Volume and Boost the Volume of your phone.
Adjust the Boost of Volume in this app according to your phone. Raise High Volume also manage the Volume in this app as your phone volume. Raise High Volume Boost and increase volume for your Movies, Music, and Apps.

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