Tuesday, September 5

Embed Facebook videos to blog post

Embed Facebook videos to blog post

No doubt!! Facebook is the most popular social media platform right now on the planet earth and what makes it the most popular? You all know already. There are millions of videos on Facebook right now , Facebook let's you share unlimited numbers of videos. Usually many of them matches with your blog content and who don,t want to use perfect video for there blog contents. This post is specially for bloggers who prefer videos over the endless contents and want a way to add Facebook video to there contents. Adding video from Facebook to blog is not that much hard you can easily add video to your blog post with the help of below shared steps.

There are basically two methods by which you can add Facebook videos to blog post. One of them is very basic you just need to copy and paste the codes while in other one you can even customize the some of aspects like width and video description.

  • Method 1: Embed video directly from Facebook post to blog
Step 1: Go to Facebook and open a video you want to embed to blog.

Step 2: From options button () choose Embed , Copy and paste these codes in your post HTML wherever you want to show this video.

  • Method 2: Embed video with Facebook embed social plugin
Step 1: Go to Facebook , Open a video you want to embed and copy its URL.

Step 2: Now, Go to Facebook Video embed plugin.

Step 3: Paste URL of video , set width and other parameters and finally click on Get Codes. Paste these codes where ever you want video to appear in post.

Note: Paste codes from Method 1  or Method 2  only in HTML editor.