Wednesday, August 23

How to hide labels from published blog posts

How to hide labels from published blog posts

Labels are similar to tags which can be used for multiple uses like categorization of blog posts , keywords etc. When you publish a post with labels , these labels are also visible to readers under the post body. Some times a post may require number of labels which makes them messy and unattractive for reader, the situation even get worse when you uses labels with 3-5 words. To counter this i will share a tutorial on how to hide labels from blog posts with two easy methods , You can choose any of two which you find easy.

As a newbie blogger you may be thinking that will hiding labels affects your blog any how? the answer is simply no. As you are just hiding your labels from blog and not removing them.

How to hide labels from blogger posts ?

  • Method 1 : Hiding labels without any coding

Step 1: Go to Blogger > Layout , Click Edit from blog posts gadget.

Step 2: Uncheck labels from the list and save changes.

  • Method 2: Hiding labels from blog post using CSS

Step 1: Go to Blogger > Theme > Edit HTML.

Step 2: Search for </head> using Ctrl + F and paste below codes before </head>

.post-labels {display: none;}