Hide author name from the blogger posts

With every post published , Blogger also shows the Author (Person who write the post) name under the post body to let people know about the creator of that blog post. Google and other search engines and there sub products (AdSense , News etc.) also suggest you to show author detail within the post. But i have seen so many guys online asking a one simple question that is how to remove author name from the blogger posts. I will share step by step instruction on how to remove author name from blog but i personally do not recommend you to remove your author name from the blog posts as it can affect your SEO.

How to remove author name from blogger blog posts?

Step 1: Go to Blogger > Layout.

Step 2: You will find a Edit link on Blog Posts gadget , Click on it.

Step 3: From the list , Uncheck "Show Author Profile below post" and save changes. That's it.

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