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How to Remove subscribe to posts (atom) link from blogger

How to Remove subscribe to posts (atom) link from blogger

In this article we are going to discuss about how to remove subscribe to posts (atom) in blogger in very simple and easy steps. No need to have huge programming skills and knowledge. Blogger shows a subscribe to posts atom link option at the bottom of template to visitors. So, that they can easily subscribe to your blog with atom. But the fact is that no one uses posts atom feed now a days instead RSS is used most commonly. These links at the bottom acquire space and even looks very outdated.

So the question is how to subscribe to post comments atom links completely from the blog. There are two ways to how to remove subscribe to posts atom in blogger links one is using CSS and other by doing some changes in html. I will discuss both the methods. You can pick any of them to remove blogspot link from your blog.

How to hide subscribe to posts (atom) by doing changes in html?

Step1: Go to Blogger > Theme > Edit html.

Step2: Click anywhere in the codes and press Ctrl+F to open search box.

Step3: Search and remove below line of codes and save theme.

 <b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/>

How to removing subscribe to posts (atom) using CSS?

Step1: Go to Blogger > Theme > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS.

Step2: Copy and paste below CSS codes and apply to blog.

.feed-links {
 display: none; 

We hope you understand the both methods to hide or remove "remove subscribe to posts (atom)" from blogger and blogspot. If you need any clarification about this 2 methods , then you can contact us via our contact page.