Friday, July 14

Create table of content (TOC) in blogger

Create table of content (TOC) in blogger

Table of contents, simply "Contents" and abbreviated informally as TOC, is a list, usually found on a page before the starting of a article about the contents of article. When reader click on these list elements or heading points they are taken to the article related to the clicked heading link. These list points are generally hyperlinks associated with the <div> tags which when clicked take you to the div ids.

TOC can be useful for reader if you have longer articles. By introducing table of content you are giving them chance to view the part of a article which they wanted to read.

How to create table of contents in blogger?

Step1: Create table of contents list in the beginning of desired article and select each list point text, click on Link to convert them into anchor text and enter some value leading by # in web address field.

Step2: Now switch to HTML from top left corner of post editor and search for the sub-heading or paragraph you want to show up when user clicks on the certain point of a TOC.

Step3: Add div id tag with value same as you entered in the TOC list point web address without # before that paragraph or sub-heading, For example if you entered web address #LiveThreads then your div tag must look like <div id="LiveThreads"> 

Step4: Repeat above steps for every TOC point and publish article.