Thursday, June 8

Remove Powered By Blogger From Blog

Remove Powered By Blogger From Blog

Blogger has it's own attribution gadget which links to the . It can be remove by two methods one is by doing some changes in html codes and other and easy one is by using CSS. I will explain both the methods. first method completely removes the powered by blogger and second method will only hide it from the blog using CSS.

Note: For some blogs Method 2 may not work.


How to remove "Powered by blogger" by changes in html ?

Step1: Go to Blogger > Theme > Edit html > Jump to widget and select Attribution1.

Step2: Replace locked='true' with locked='false' and save theme.

Step3: Now go to Blogger > Layout and remove attribution gadget from the footer.

How to Remove "Powered by blogger" using CSS ?

Step1: Go to Blogger > Theme > Customise > Advanced > Add CSS and paste below CSS in text box.

#Attribution1 {

Step2: Press Enter once and click on Apply to blog.