Change Post, Post outer and Body Background Color

There are lot of customization in blogger Customise tab under theme but some of customization option like changing color of post background , post outer background etc. are not available. Which makes blogger difficult to customize some of the blog elements. But don't worry there is an easy way to customize Post background color , body background color and post-outer color and that is CSS.

Yes , CSS ( Cascading Style Sheet) is very useful tool for completely change the look and feel of the html elements. Below is the tutorial for both CSS to change background color and where to add custom CSS.

Note: These codes will turn background color to white. Change Red bold color hex value to change background color.

Table Of Contents

CSS for changing post background color

.post {
background-color: #ffffff;

CSS for changing post-outer or main-outer background color 

.main-outer {
 background-color: #ffffff;

CSS for changing blog Body background color 

body {
background-color: #ffffff;

CSS for changing footer background color in blogger

.footer-outer {
background-color: #ffffff;

Where to add CSS in Blogger?
  1. Go to Blogger > Theme > Customise > Advanced > Add CSS.
  2. Copy and paste desired CSS code in text box , press enter once and click on Apply to Blog.

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