Thursday, May 18

Google Assistant Launched For Iphone

Google Assistant Launched For Iphone

Google announced Wednesday it was bringing its digital assistant to Apple iPhones as part of its effort to win the battle with tech rivals on artificial intelligence. Google Assistant, the search giant’s artificial intelligence-based voice assistant, will now be available for iPhones. Currently, Google Assistant is being used on over 100 million Android devices worldwide.

Soon, Google Assistant users will be able to have a conversation based on what they see via Google Lens app. Users can simply point their smartphone camera at a subject and ask the Assistant for relevant information about it. According to Huffman, Google Assistant can instantly recognize what a user is looking at and offer related suggestions.

Google Assistant is great, but there's still one function where Siri wins: You can't simply say "Ok Google" to open it. Instead, you'll need to manually launch the app each time you want to run it. That may make it hard for Google to convert iPhone users over, even if it is better.


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