Thursday, May 25

Create Category Pages In Blogger

Create Category Pages In Blogger

Blogger do not have option for categorizing posts and showing them under different categories. However , there is always solution to anything and in blogger for categorizing posts the solution is labels. Yes,  labels can be used for categories the posts and also to make category pages.

How to create category pages in blogger ?


Step1: Go to every post you have written and give them a label same as category name. To do this edit post and from the right side menu click on labels .Enter name for category and click publish.

Note: Always add labels to new posts to.

Step2: You have successfully created category pages in blogger , to visit your category page use below URL structure.


Example: If your label name is blogger and you domain name is then URL for your category page will be

Step3: Show your category pages in blog using page gadget. Go to Blogger > Layout > Add a gadget and select pages gadget from the list.

Click on Add external link to add your category pages in the list. Read Sliding menu navigation for installing advance menu for your category pages.