Airtel Holiday Suprise Offer - Free Data For 3 Months

With Reliance Jio continuing with its free services under the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer for three months, To counter this Airtel has also launched holiday suprise offer to retain their users.
Bharti Airtel will start offering free data every month for the next 3 months through My Airtel app as part of its new Holiday Surprises offer. -  Gopal Vittal ( CEO )

The company will offer free data up to 10 GB for one more month for postpaid users who didn't get upto 30GB under Airtel surprises before March 31 via My Airtel app. Furthermore, Airtel is also offering best international roaming rates to its travelling customers to ensure that they are protected from bill shocks.

Words of Gopal Vittal, CEO

"We want your holidays to be even better. So we are sending across an Airtel Surprise for you. Now enjoy some free data every month for the next 3 months. That should cover any long vacation you may have planned. All you need to do is claim your surprise on My Airtel app before April 30th. Go on, create and share more memories with your loved ones all summer long!," Vittal's mail reads.

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