How To Submit Your Sitemap To Search Engines

Before proceeding you have to keep in mind that if you don't have account on following webmasters you need to create one and then have to verify your account by putting meta tag in the html editor under <head>
For that Go to Templates>Edit html

how to submit xml sitemap to search engines

Google Webmaster  

Google is our preferred search engine. If you haven’t added your website to Google Search Console, please follow these steps first. If these steps fail, please check Google’s official directions here for the most up to date steps.

1.Sign in to Google Search Console.Click here to sign in.
2.On your Search Console home page, select your website.
3.In the left sidebar, click Crawl and then Sitemaps.

Submit site map to google

3.Remove outdated or invalid sitemaps like sitemap.xml
4.Click the Add/Test Sitemap button in the top right.
submit sitemap to google webmaster
5.Enter sitemap_index.xml into the text box that appears.
6.Click Submit.

Bing Webmaster Tools 
Follow these steps to submit sitemap to bing webmaster

1.Sign in to Bing Webmaster Tools.Click here to sign in.
2.On the My Sites page, select your website.

submit sitemap to bing

3.In the left sidebar, click Configure My site and then Sitemaps.
4.Enter your sitemap URL into the text box at the top.

submit sitemap to bing

5.Click Submit.

Yandex Webmaster

1.Sign in to Yandex Webmaster.Click here to sign in.
2.On the home page, select your website.
3.In the left sidebar, click Indexing Options and then Sitemap files.
4.Remove outdated or invalid sitemaps like
5.Enter your sitemap URL into the text box at the top. Your sitemap URL will look like something this:
7.Click Add.

Other Search Engines

Yahoo also uses Bing Webmaster Tools. no longer accepts sitemap submissions

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